So a guy walks into this bar… But you know, this guy, it wasn’t nobody, like, he was SOMEBODY, he was taller than most, let me tell you, and he was handsome as hell, if I do say so myself, not that I’m a gay or bi or some other from this kind, no, don’t get the wrong impression, not that I have something against them, no, we’re all humans, you see, our Father in the Heaven created us all like we are, it’s a sin to try to suppress the personality he gave us, so yeah, you can love whoever you wants, right, like, love is the power, right, and you can love everybody, even at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with this as long as everybody is okay with this, I mean the persons you care about or just their opinion is important for you, because their opinion might be important for you even though you don’t care about the persons, it’s possible, you see, my friend Frank totally don’t care about his Uncle Ben, but his opinion is very important for him, and he would never let him down, because for him, disappointing Uncle Ben, no way, it can’t happened, if he ever disappoint his Uncle Ben, the world would literally end, there’s no such possibility, I’m telling you, he didn’t loved his Uncle Ben, but he was sure as heck anxious as what he was thinking of him, poor Frank, he never recovered, he almost died once, have I told you about this, no, well, I remember this like it was yesterday, he was trying to pass his exams for a maximum score, because you know, with Uncle Ben there’s never telling what will be enough, so he always needed to do the best to be approved, and he was studying so hard, like, he wasn’t sleeping for a whole week or so, and he finally was so exhausted he passed out and he never made it to the exams, such a shame, but his Uncle Ben never knew about it, he kicked the calendar a few days before, he died on hearth attack you know, one of he’s nephews was trans or something, but there’s nothing wrong with transgender people, I’m telling you, they’re as fine as poly, they’re just looking for who they really are, if they were meant to be women, the Father in the Heaven would make them women, but clearly the biology made a mistake, or they were mistaken or something, I don’t know, but they’re fine, they can love whoever they want, but they can also love nobody, I mean sexually or romantically, or whatever, a human can be whoever the heck he want to be, that’s our role in the world, fulfilling our dreams, like no matter who we are, or what skin color we have, because all colors are good, like, if you’re more yellow or darker or anything, that’s fine, right, that’s just skin, that doesn’t define who we are, it just protect us from the sun, and it’s cool, like literally, because if the people living in warmer place hadn’t got dark skin they would die of heat stroke or something and that would be bad, because honestly, our Father in Heaven make us al and don’t want us to die before our time, he loves us all, and that’s another reason why poly are fine, if God loves us all then they can too, right, it can’t be a sin If even God is doing this, and God loves all of us, no matter what we call him or what, everybody is loved by the God in Heaven, no matter if they call him God, Allah or Śiwa, and it’s totally okay, I mean, if there was only one God, there would be only one, he would show us he’s alone, and not letting us fight over who is right and who isn’t, he gave us the free will, that’s right, but he didn’t gave us it so we could have killed each other, he gave it to us so we could have made the world a better place by our choices, yeah, and getting back to what I was saying, I have got a bit off topic, hadn’t I, that’s just me, when nobody stops me I can talk and talk and talk for hours you know I once go on a date with this girl, Susan was her name if I recall correctly, you know I don’t have as good memory as I had when I was younger, back then I could’ve remember phone number after hearing it in a moment, I liked showing off because honestly, who wouldn’t be impressed, I was going to every party and I was coming to girls and saying, that I can remember their phone number if they say it just once, and they usually laughed and wanted to try it out, and were saying their numbers like, really fast, but I had really good memory, so I was able to recall every single one of them, so afterwards I had like two weeks worth of numbers, of course part of them were fakes or it was friend’s numbers, but there was always at least half dozen of dates, that’s how I met Susan too, what a girl she was, legs up to the sky, eyes like a sky, and those breasts, God, it was like you took two big melons and stuffed up her bra, it was so soft, and nice, and I actually got to squizze them once or twice, but anyway, she was an ideal, that’s why I had gone on like a ten or so dates with her, she was perfect, but she was to shy, she couldn’t speak up for herself, and it was so boring you know, she never got anything interesting to say, not that she could’ve say it anyway, she didn’t said me her name until the third date, that’s how much I have talked, you know I normally talk a lot, and when I’m nervous, ho!, you wouldn’t stuff a needle bettwen my words, like, really, don’t even try, that’s my mouth, I am terrified of stuffing needles in here, I was at the dentist once when I was a kid, and the doctor said it would be painless, but his painkillers were expired and it was worse than if you drink a bee, I drank a bee once, and it was terrible, it’s sting was near my throat, but not inside, thanks God, because otherwise I wouldn’t be here now, I would suffocate, wouldn’t I, with a big bubble and no other way to breathe my lungs would collapse, but no, it wason my cheek, it was red and big for a few days later, I have even a proof you know, because of course it was the day when they were doing photos in school, and it was my first photo, white dress shirt, gelled hair and left cheek looking like I stuffed tomato inside and forgot to chew, it was red too, and since this time I always drink from a glass cup, because back then I was drinking through a strew, I liked it very much, I could have picked the lemon slice with it and not put my fingers in the water, because I was this kind of guy who loved ground and mud and mudcakes and there litteraly wasn’t a day when I hadn’t come home dirty from the top of my head to the littlest of my toes, but straw was also good because I could move the lemon without dropping it on the ground, but actually it happened quite a lot, not once have I eaten a muddy lemon, it wasn’t a problem for me, but it was for my mum, so I was trying to hide it, but she always knew, like this time when I wanted to go to the bathroom really bad but somebody other was already inside, bathing or something, and I decided, I was like five at the time, and I decided that peeing on the carpet would be a great idea, as our dog was often doing it, so I had an alibi, but she know immedietly it was me, I still don’t know what gave me away, the fact I was standing right next to the puddle, or that my father came in with the dog, because he took him to the vet, he was sick a lot, and I mean a dog here but my father was also sick a lot, my mother liked to repeat it over and over a lot after he disappeared, but he wasn’t ever in the hospital, maybe he was afraid like I am afraid of the needles in my mouth, anyway once he left and he hadn’t gone back, and few days later we moved, and I had never seen him again, I don’t know what happened to him, maybe he finally got to see the doctor but the tests took so long, or maybe the results were so bad they hadn’t let him go, or maybe he’s dead, I don’t particulary care, I don’t have a very fond memories of him, anyway doctors are little shits lying about painfulness of their intervention, and ill never trust them again, like I couldn’t trust Rachel, she was a girl I was dating after Susan, she wasn’t so shy, she was pretty bold, both methaporicaly and literally, she had no hair, and no, she wasn’t sick, though I have nothing against sick people just I have never been particulary attracted to anyone with a terminal illness or something, but who knows, maybe someday I will, the life is full of surprises, but no, Rachel wasn’t sick, she was just different on purpose and ahe was willing to borderline it as much as possible, so she had a lot of piercings and tattoos and she was wearing no more than like equivalent of three handkerchiefs, and I of course hadn’t had a single objection, I was a horny twenty-something, I loved her style of clothing, but she was talking too much, yeah, surprising words coming out of my mouth, but that’s totally sure, she was talking and talking and talking and normally I would let her, I myself know how it is to not being able to let it all out of you, it’s terrible feeling, you’re stuffing it inside until you reach the breaking point and the words just flew out of you like a flood and you can’t do much to stop it, you can just sit down and wait until it end, and it can take a while, I remember once I was talking for like three houres straight, and I couldn’t stop, but with Rachel it was different, because she wasn’t rambling about everything and nothing at the time, no, she was talking about herself and only herself, and it was infuriating, because I understand if she had interesting childhood, or at least a hard one, but no, she was totally normal, nothing to say, absolutely boring, and I could have seen where did she get that desire to be different, with that past she had no chances to be her own creative herself without a few sacrifices, and seriously, she could’ve done it better, this relationship with her ended after this one date, I don’t know if she even knows my name, she hadn’t even asked, but well, no harm done, like I always say, words can’t hurt if you don’t hear them, but back to the topic at hand, I’m not very good at keeping stuck to one topick I was always floating around at least ten topics in one conversation, that’s me, basically, so this guy, he walks into the bar, and you know this bar, it wasn’t some normal ordinary bar, no, it was a bar for- oh my, look at the time, I’ll be late again, it was really nice date, I’m so glad I meet you, I’ll call you tomorrow to set up another date, okay, I’ll tell you the rest of the joke on the next one, bye!

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