Said boy was lying on his bed messing around with the PDA. It wouldn’t be that weird, his Tucker often was doing something like that.

Only his Tucker wasn’t his boyfriend.

Also he never was lying naked.

Just his beret was protecting Danny’s eyes from the burning image of his friend’s pride. The pale boy immediately closed his eyes and put his hands over them just to be sure.

“Why-“ he tried to ask. After a few coughs he was able to continue. “Why are you naked?”

“Don’t you remember?” Tuck almost purred, which caused the other boy to gag. “Today’s Friday~”

The halfa heard a sound of metal being put on something made of wood, most likely his nightstand, and then his bed creaked.

He risked a perk on the sight and was both relieved and terrified.

Relieved the beret still was hiding the sight.

Terrified THE BERET WAS STILL IN PLACE! And Tucker was standing!

He really hoped it was attached to some string, or preferably boxers.

“And what’s so special about today?” he managed to squeak out.

“Today’s our anniversary” the smug on the darkskinned boy was balancing on the verge of insanity.

At least it looked like it in Danny’s panicked eyes.

“And you promised me something.”

Was it only him, or Tuck’s eyes actually darkened?

He was scared to ask WHAT did he promised.

He just hoped it wasn’t anything sexual.

But knowing his luck…


Impatient. A bit irritated. Waiting. Excited. Very likely aroused.

What did he promised him to cause this reaction?!

“Listen, Tuck” he started, frantically trying to find a legitimate excuse from what was starting to feel like the worst night of his life. “I really don’t-“

“You can choose” the boy in front of him took a small step forward and put his hands on Danny’s cheeks, while the other was busy trying not to shudder. “You can do what you promised, and put your mouth for some better use or you can just lie down and…”

The geek leaned forward and almost touched his ear with his mouth.

Please say cuddle, please say cuddle, please say cuddle, please say cuddle-

“I’ll fuck your sweet little ass into the mattress so hard you won’t be able to sit for next week” the husky voice in his ear made him shudder. Damn, that made him more terrified that anything Plasmius ever said.

“I’ll take the first one, please” he managed to whisper barely above the border of hearability. After all, he just meant kisses, right? Even if he insisted in sticking his tongue inside it would be way better than any contact with the part of his anatomy currently hide by nearly nonexsisting scrap of material.

Tucker pulled off a bit, something very close to disappointment but also mixed with mischief in his eyes.

This time it was Danny who leaned closer. Not that he did it willingly. He closed his eyes inches before their lips made contact, sighed lightly and kissed the boy in front of him trying to pretend it wasn’t his best friend.

The afroamerican almost immediately grabbed his ass cheeks and squeezed tightly stuffing his tongue inside the other’s mouth and exploring excitedly.

After a mere moments however he pulled back again.

“Nice foreplay” now Danny could have sworn the smile was nothing short from insane. “But we don’t have whole night sweetheart. On your knees, dearest. I like you the most when we’re on the same head level.”

The halfa gulped. Looks like he would come in the contact of forbidden area.

He slowly slide to his knees not really knowing how could he get back from the situation he got himself into, wondering if he even could.

If his ghost powers were still here he would be long since gone. But they weren’t. Besides, he was his best friend. And also a boyfriend in this universe. It probably was normal for them.

His knees hit the floor with a muffled by jeans sound. The beret twitched a bit.

Using his slightly trembling hands he grabbed both sides of the cap and paused for a moment, using this to one last time make himself sure he had no other option.

He finally removed the element of clothing, unconsciously closing the eyes.

Breath in, then out and finally he opened them again.

Tucker was HUGE.

Or maybe it was just his panicked, inexperienced mind. Remembering he had to put it into his mouth was enough to put him on edge, and it certainly wasn’t nice feeling.

He swallowed hard and licked his lips, trying to force his mind to admit that it wasn’t that big.

He failed miserably.

He slowly leaned closer, opened his mouth a bit and…

“Am I going to feel this anytime in this century?” Tucker’s voice suddenly interrupted him, making all of his hard gathered courage disappear in one second. He perked upside and it appeared to be a big mistake. His eyes met with geek’s. His irritated expression softened a bit after seeing terrified look on Danny’s face. “Come on, babe, that’s not that bad” The halfa still was looking at him with a silent plea pouring along with the sparkling tears gathering up in his eyes.

“You always have other choice” the afroamerican added more harshly and bucked his hips forward, placing the tip of his member on the kneeling boys lips, spreading a bit of precum on them. He did his best to not run away screaming.

However the action caused him to tightly close his mouth which only encouraged the darkskinned boy to smear his body liquids further on his lips.

The urge to barf was almost impossible to contain within him. Almost.

He shuddered a little and with the newfound motivation (he liked his butt like it was, thank you very much) he managed to took the tip of the dark member inside his mouth.

The taller boy buckled forward with a sigh and the back of Danny’s mouth was suddenly attacked. Fighting with the gaging reflex was hard. He adjusted himself a bit better and started sucking, trying to convince himself he was just eating a lollipop.

A very thick lollipop. And long. And salty.

Then it was an ice-cream.

A really warm ice-cream.

Shut up, common sense!

He quickened the pace hoping it would take less time for Tucker to come. Judging by his pants he wasn’t really far from this.

Danny really hoped it would end soon. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been but it was still a nightmare and he was barely able to suppress the urge to return the content of his stomach.

But then, when he hoped it would be over really soon, the geek caught the end of his head and started to buckle his head up and down, not caring that he was hurting the boy’s throat.

He cried from pain which only made the situation worse as both the panting and the pace quickened.

Instead of tearing his ass split open he has chosen fucking his throat sore and he really couldn’t tell what was worse at the moment.

The hand at his hair tugged him closer, so close he was almost suffocating, and stilled. It hold him in place when Tucker came, filling his throat with salty liquid, causing him to gag. Finally he was free and with the disgusting piece of dripping meat out of his mouth he stumbled backward, falling on his butt.

This was definitely the worst day of his life.

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