This day was his worst day ever.
He was woken up by Skulker ant the fight was so hard it ended during the second period.
That's why he got detention.
Which he skipped out because of Technus.
With toasters.
Seriously. Why didn't he just overshadowed a robot? Was he really dumb enough to think ha can take over the world using toasters or watches ?
So when he was at his way home he was barely conscious, he hadnt even had the energy to hang out with Sam and Tucker at Nasty Burger.
And that's the most important reason of what happend.
That's why he fight back when he sensed somebody attacking him.
Later he was glad he didn't change into his ghostly form, because after he tripped hia attacker up and served him a few kicks and punches he noticed it wasn't a ghost.
It was Dash.
He quickly picked him up and checked for injuries. At least he didn't use some of his more powerfull attacks, such as ectoblasts, so all he had was just a few scratches and bruises.
"Dash! Oh my gosh! Are you okay?"
"Yeah. Don't know why you asking though you acting like you care."
"Good." Danny said punching him at his stomach and causing him to bow. "What were you thinking! Don't you ever dare attacking me on a street again! And without a warning! I could've really hurt you!"
The other boy was kneeling down without a word.
"How?" he finally asked. "'How' what?" "How could you punch me so hard? I can really feel it, and I'm a footballer! You're just a loser, you shouldn't be able to make me writhing in pain!"
"well.. I've been... Practicing... A little."
"A little?" Dash barely hissed, cluching tightly at his side.
"Okay, maybe a lot." Danny was rubbing back of his neck a bit ashamed. "Look, you attacked me on a street. What did you think i would do?"
I don't know, maybe scream out really loud and run away? But I sure hadn't expected you to fight back." Then he freeze, forgetting about the pain for a moment. "You fought back. Really hard. Why didn't you ever done this at school?"
"I have to go." was the only response Danny gave him before he dissappeared.

He was at his room, bounding up wounds after the latest fight with Plasmius when the doorbell rang.
"Sweete!" his mother yelled. "You have a guest!"
"I'm not here!" he quickly yelled back. "Whatever the problem is, I'm sure it can wait until tomorrow.
There was no response but after a while he heard a loud steps on the stairs. He quickly hide smuted by ectoplasme and blood bandages under his bed and sat at his chair, trying to hide the pained expression unerd the focused one.
Then the doors opened and the silhouette of his favourite bully appeared at the entrance.
His arm was bandaged up and his eyes were hiden behind the sunglasses but he still could say he had a black eye.
"Oh, hi Dash!" he said, suppresing sudden urge to rub the back of his head. "Sorry about... Y'know, that."
"Who was teaching you?"
"What?" Danny looked at him confused.
"Who was teaching you how to fight?" Dash took off his glasses and looked him into the eye. "There's no way you can do it by yourself."
"But... I'm... It's complicated... I've got a lot of experience... It's kind of happend somehow."
"No way! I've been practicing for a long time now and I won't let it waste just because you..." Then the rest of the sentence made it into his head. "What do you mean by 'a lot of experience'?"
"I just-"
"Who were you fighting with?"
"Do you really expect me to answer this? That's my life. My secrets. It's none of your buisnesses."
"I won't leave until you tell me what's wrong with you!"
"Challenge accepted." was the only response Dash got. Then Danny turned back to the computer and strted doing his homework.
Dash blinked in surprise. That wasn't exaclly what he had in his mind, but if the kid wanted a bully in his room, he would soon regret that.
He started sniffing around. When you have nothing better to do even stalkering a looser might be fun.
Especially this looser. He was his punchbag since, like, forever.
But, honestly, if he would ever tied to imagine his room, it would be more... Looserish.
But this? It looked like normal room. The space-related posters on the walls, model of the Solar System, some official NASA shuttles models...
He was trying to take one of them when Danny made himself heard.
"Can you not?" he said irritated " It tooks me forever to do this."
"Well, I'll stop when you tell me what's wrong with you."
"Chances for this are almost the same as Box Ghost taking over the world - none."
"Then the chances for me breaking one of your precious shuttles suddenly rised."
Before he could even think about moving he was brutally pressed to the wall.
"Just try, and I can guarantee you won't make it back alive." smaller boy hissed, face mere inches away.
"Okay, okay, calm down, Fenturd!"
Danny dropped bully and took one step back. A few seconds later his sister came in.
"Danny! I've finally found this ointment for tosts' burnings!"
Then she noticed Dash and stopped dead in her tracks.
"Thanks Jazz, I'll surely use it soon." Danny said calmly waking her from her stupor. She hesistantly turn back and leave the room.
"An ointment stick?" boy muttered under his breath, with little smile on his face. "I wonder when did she get it."
"You've got burns from TOSTS?" Dash asked with wide eyes and disbelieving look in his eyes. "Where? Where can't you reach with normal ointment? And how could you possibly get burned on your back?!"
In the same moment a toster phased through the wall and ran through the room laughing maniacally. It disappears on the other side, leaving boys staring at this part of wall.
"Does answer 'haunted toaster' suit you?"
Boys were staring at the wall for a while longer until Danny made himself heard again.
"I think I should probably go after him. Would you finally leave?"
"Not before you tell me what's wrong with you. Will you?"
"I think we both know the answer."
Dash simply nod with sad expression on his face. Danny sighed heavily.
"Sorry Dash." he said sighing heavily. Somtimes he simultanously was glad and sad he had his powers. "You leave me no choice."

He woke up in his bed. It was just a bad dream. Fenton? Beating him up? No way!
It was just a nightmare.
It has to be.

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